The Devil’s Retreat

It’s amazing how time flies. One minute you’re a nobody. The next 2 hours of your life, you’re suddenly an accomplished individual who knows what they are doing and what their next move is.


Becoming an Indie author can be a stressful decision. Whoever says it’s easy has never had to work at it. It’s not easy. It’s this compilation of fifty different people telling you their take on it and then you talking to yourself saying, oh boy where do I begin? The truth is you are your business in the Indie market. Don’t let it deter you away. If you want it bad enough, go for it.

My novel, The Devil’s Retreat, just released. I can confide, I was not scared, but undeniably terrified. A week before the release I fretted during every second awake. What haven’t I done? Did I forget something? Has it been edited enough? I was overwhelmed. Excitement turned to frustration, and in the aftermath of sitting at my computer for hours on end, it all came to a head. I realized a little something. The lessons I have learned from this experience and the time I spent going over my writing goals, and oh so stressing about EVERYTHING.  It got me where I need to be.

I was pushing myself to finalize everything and forcing myself to edit in every chance of free time I got. The writing flame inside me, reignited.

“I’m back!” I exclaimed at 4 am, while rubbing my sleep deprived eyes.

The drive inside me came back. After months of  succumbing to a paperless oblivion, the writing beast inside my head finally regurgitated some words.

All that worrying and what I did was achieve a lifelong  dream. I got my novel published.  It was a challenging feat that took two years worth of work and planning, but it happened. It has changed my view on the world.

I was always under the impression that being an Indie author wasn’t professional at all. It was traditional or no way. I spent two years of my life researching the markets and doing novel research. I learned myself wrong. Self-Publishing has become huge. It’s how much work you put into it that makes a difference. I self published and do not regret anything.  I have a long road ahead of me and years worth of work to smash into the next four months. To face the facts. It could have taken years to secure an agent, and even longer to get a publishing contract. I have time now. I have none to waste. I have stories to tell.

After years of dreaming of being a writer, I put my book out there on the market. Now its time to keep moving up. For me it has never been about writing a good story. It has always been about writing a story I would want to read. For years I have been searching for that story that sucks me in and refuses to let go. A story that I can never forget. I haven’t found it yet, but I’m on my way to writing it.

While I work on my next novel, my hope is to find the values in my writing that I placed in my first book. The Devil’s Retreat is not a hapless book with no common ground to it. There is a purpose behind it. That purpose conforms around the idea that coal mining is a dying practice across the world.

I grew up in a coal mining and farming community. I am not unfamiliar with the problems expressed in my book. The problems, fictionalized to a degree, ring a level of importance. What happens when coal becomes a thing of the past? What will we do without it? In the same case, what is coal doing to our environment? Why should we rely on coal when there could be alternatives out there? The book is not meant to bring clear answers it is meant to explore a series of what ifs.

My stories need purpose. I want them to teach something. I want to force the reader to think about something maybe they wouldn’t normally approach.


Monsters All Around Here

I guess it is easy to get caught up in reality. Working a 9 to 5 job, saving for that new car, paying bills like there is no end. Or even working the now common 70-90 hours a week slaving away to live a life that is seemingly unfulfilled by society’s approach to surviving.

Some of us have found a way to combat the throes of the noose that popular culture sends forth to reel us all in. Many of us haven’t but there is always hope. So it can be said.

In all truth conformity sounds idealistic. It’s a means of survival. Is it really though?

I have always been one to shy away from what is the typical norm. We all have a soft spot and crack eventually. That mega mansion nestled in the hills, all the shoes a girl can ever dream of, endless cash to never have to worry about finding your next meal. It sounds wonderful, maybe even a little artificial. That’s what it is.

It’s a trap. Hey come here, work a little harder, work endless hours. Struggle, then the dream dies off because, you know in your mind that reality is a killer.

I have my way of fighting off conformity. Minimalism is refreshing. It’s this stark whiteness set against the pollution filled days of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

One of the most important things that minimalism does is it exposes monsters. 

Fictional and Physical

A monster in a book can highlight the greed that has encompasses the person who created the monster. In real life, those who will do what is necessary to get the things they want is an example of the power of materialism. 

Minimalism is an easy way to free yourself from the woes of a technological society. Detaching yourself completely doesn’t have to be the answer, but being aware does.  

One of the reasons monsters have been a thing that I have centered myself around is the idea that I am only one person in a universe full of them. 

In order to stand out you have to be different. But, to make a difference you have to understand why you are different. 

Monsters don’t care what you look like or what gender you are. They themselves have been built upon ugliness. The disgrace of the greed by their creator, and the deformities that might be ravaging their bodies and changing their minds. 

Writing about monsters has helped me understand why our world is the way it is. Monsters represent more than a level on the food chain. Their meaning reaches far beyond what any of us could ever imagine. 

Are they really the villains of the story, or are they misunderstood by the humans who portray them to be a certain way?

B’s Monstrosities

I’m an avid fan of monster movies. There is no denying that considering one of the first movies I ever watched was the 1990’s cult classic Tremors. That and of course I can’t forget Jurassic Park. 

Needless to say the better part of my childhood and teenage years was spent watching and analyzing all things monsters in the movies. It was all Dinocroc or Supergator, which is better, Then BAM!  It’s Dinocroc vs. Supergator, because what’s better than watching two genetically modified dinosaurs fight in a tropical setting?

First of all, no one attempt to answer that question. The modern day monster movie universe has been utterly consumed by every shark, crocodile, octopus, and dinosaur movie out there.

At this point any higher budget monster movie is going to catch my attention. B-movie monster movies are cheesy, lower in budget, and generally so bad they are only good  for a laugh or two.

Still, I have to watch them. After ear pulling and slowly crawling my  way through the abyss filled shelves that house the “Megashark vs. such and such”, I have realized why I have an interest and a disinterest.

A. Creative Monster / Interesting Plot

F. Bad Acting/ Poor Monster Effects

I am only going to state this once. If you have to CGI the entire monster to make it ginormous, actually put effort into it.

Even though I’m pretty psyched about the new movie Meg coming out, I hope they do the book justice. Steve Alten did a tremendous job on the Meg novels. Before the movie comes out in August of 2018, read the books, you won’t be sorry.

Considering the Megalodon is over 60 ft, the CGI better be good.







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