Whispers: Part 2

Part of this theme exercise is to explore themes that I am unfamiliar with. I have to dissect them and formulate an opinion, out of that opinion will come small chops of creative work.

My ultimate goal is to provide myself a better understanding of themes I wouldn’t give much time to.

In Whispers Part 1, I tore apart what I believe whispers to be and created an unwritten opinion. That opinion is that whispers, no matter what the situation or place setting emulate strong emotion. Most of the time it’s the wrong kind of emotion.

When I think of whispers I always jump to a dark, unsettling place. From my own perspective of it, I created three poems: Whisper Killings, Grave Gossip, Secrets for Life.

Each of these poems presents a setting. What happens when someone does something they shouldn’t have? In the end what will your secrets, all your lies, what will they get you?

I wrote these poems to help me understand the dark underlying theme that whispers creates. I didn’t have to use a dark theme, but that’s how I chose to formulate it. In that dark theme I was able to pull out three more themes that I felt tied in closely: gossip, lies, secrets.

Whispers: Part 1

Since I’m investigating theme I think it’s important before I do anything else to figure out where I stand on whispers. 

I watched way too many horror movies growing up. It’s safe to say whispers rarely lead to happy places in the movie perspective.

Now when I take a look at whispers as a whole I picture someone cupping their hand over another’s ear to whisper a secret to them. 

When I read about whispers I always see that dark forest scene. Someone running through the woods, scary whisper sounds resonating around every corner.

Whispers seem always to take this form of personification. Whispers come as a sense. They are a sound that comes from between someone’s lips. When these whispers are projected at someone to scare them, it feels as if they are are reaching out or coming after. We can infer that there is a person or thing behind them, but the sounds themself take an entire form of being. 

There is this madness behind it. What drives the force behind the sound?

Any thoughts on Whispers? 

Theme and All Its Horror

I am not one to explore theme. When structuring a novel I stick to one genre and include multiple underlying themes. With a motif or two. I stick in my little bubble.

Lately I’ve been getting this writerly itch. Maybe it’s my time to explore outside the realms of this reclusive writer personality. Write a little stranger. Push boundaries and see where I can go with it.

I asked my lovely writer’s group what they thought about this. They all confided with similar responses. “Being a writer is all about pushing your limits, exploring new things, new ideas.”

So I’m embarking on this weird journey. Exploring not genres, but themes. Another thing I am trying is poetry.

I’ve been on the poetry wagon for about seven months now. It’s entirely outside my realm, but it’s kind of fun.

So in order to understand different ideas, and broaden my thinking. I am trying something different. Each week is listed with a theme. This week’s theme is whispers.


Whisper Killings


Come nothingness.

Bloody cries,

Dry cut.

Stiff trails,

Edging the wind.


Spilt from the mind,

Doused in fruitless routine.


Giants in frequent darkness.

A forest scene,

In typical reprise.

Day becomes night,

Figures become shadows.

Shadows whisper,

Until shadows scream.

At dawn a body,

Is subjected to whispers.

Everyone knows,

And now they don’t.



I don’t like to think of myself as a habitual monster. I like spontaneity. Having no plans, living in the moment. Breathing in life as it comes.

But if you are as forgetful as I am, being spontaneous is a hopeless illusion of another life. I make lists, I have to write things down. I am young, but I’ve forgotten who I am a time or two.

My lists aren’t only things I have to do, they are sometimes goals. A few times, even my dreams.

Writing lists is one of my habits, but it reminds me to stay me. It keeps me sane. Even though I am participating in a habit, it teaches me to break the conformity once in a while. Forget something on the list. It’s not the end of the world.

I have a new character. She is unlike anything other character I have created before. She struggles with her conscience, whether she should do what everyone wants her to or forget about it all and stick to her own plan, acting like the world never existed. It’s this power struggle. Stick to a bad habit or run wild? I am interested to see where I can go with with this character. She is leading the story in  many different directions, she is unreliable, unpredictable, she wants you to believe you know the way.

This character has led me to try to break up my habits. Do something different for a change.

One of the new things I started is poetry. I stick to lengthy fiction on a basis, but this. It has opened new doors.

I’m prepared to share some soon.

Breaking a habit can be life changing or a small change can bring a little happiness. It’s not a bad thing to break out of the normal.

Writing Groove

I’m back!

(I never actually went anywhere. Though my blank word documents hint that I got abducted by demon fairies and they decided to put me back where they  found me.)

For someone with a busy schedule finding writing time is hard, but you just have to find it and stick with it.

Right now my life is no 9-5. I’m living in a great stage of chaos. For the first while, I thought I would never be able to balance getting the things done that I needed to and finding writing time. I guess that’s the beauty of life, adapting on the go.

Finding writing time has been my greatest struggle. Sure I have plenty of stress. Enough that I shouldn’t be adding to it by worrying about writing time. But! It’s still something I lose sleep over.

Maybe it’s the wonder of being a writer. We are not just writers. We are college students, lawyers, moms with four kids, plumbers, Geo-scientists, teachers. The list goes on for millions of miles.

We are all people of a trade, we are human beings that are multi-functional. We have lives, and billions of other tasks that we have to accomplish on a day to day basis. Though in the end, no matter what the time or date, we sit in front of a computer, put pen to paper, scream our stories out loud, we write. Not because we need to, because we have to. This unrelenting being inside our heads that is a conscience says “write or else”.

Finding time is not a matter of if, it is a when. On my schedule writing consists of: when I should be sleeping, speaking it out loud while in my car, finding some helpless victim to ask for criticism on the latest story. There’s a quote that pretty much sums things up.

“A writer never has a vacation. For a writer life consists of writing or thinking about writing.” -Eugene Ionesco

Finding time to write doesn’t have to be in chunks of one hour or more. A simple five minutes will work. If you get one sentence down. Fabulous! It’s one more than you had. People over think time. You want to be a writer? The less blank pages the better. Fill it with a sentence and eventually you’ll have a page.



My first book signing was a few days ago. I have to say, the experience was incredibly rewarding. As it was supposed to be.

I met a lot of kind people, and took the signing as a learning experience.

When I started out wanting to publish, I was confused. I didn’t understand how it could be possible to find success in this field because of the high rate of failure.

I tell myself now: Don’t let failure be an option. It really is that easy.

Most people don’t reach their dreams because they are too afraid to fail. They give up without ever trying.

If you want something in this life, you have to go for it with all you’ve got. Why lose all that, when there still is a what if in the back of your mind?

I spent years and years thinking I could never make it as a writer, but now I look where I’m at. I took a chance, I kept my head straight, and pushed to the finish.

Never is a term with hope behind it. Even though I thought I would never make it as a writer, I kept hoping I could be one.

Everything can be made an accomplishment, if you refuse to let failure be an option. Don’t give yourself room to fail and you won’t. But remember, just because you fail doesn’t mean you can’t pick yourself back up and start fresh tomorrow.

In better terms if you know what you want and believe you can accomplish it, do it.