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Whispers: Part 1

Since I’m investigating theme I think it’s important before I do anything else to figure out where I stand on whispers.  I watched way too many horror movies growing up. It’s safe to say whispers rarely lead to happy places in the movie perspective….

Theme and All Its Horror

I am not one to explore theme. When structuring a novel I stick to one genre and include multiple underlying themes. With a motif or two. I stick in my little bubble. Lately I’ve been getting this writerly itch. Maybe it’s my time to…

Whisper Killings

CHIRP! CHIRP! Come nothingness. Bloody cries, Dry cut. Stiff trails, Edging the wind. Sins, Spilt from the mind, Doused in fruitless routine. Trees, Giants in frequent darkness. A forest scene, In typical reprise. Day becomes night, Figures become shadows. Shadows whisper, Until shadows scream….