My life started in a farming and coal mining community in Southern Indiana. I grew up watching the corn tassel every summer, and the leaves turn every fall. Like most kids from Indiana. I can still faintly smell the dry dust from a combines passing.

From the earliest moments I can remember I spent my time watching monster movies. The scarier the monster the longer it held my attention. I was always infatuated with monsters, I talked about them non stop, I read about them, then one day I began writing about them.

That’s how it all started a kid with an obsession, that carried it through to adulthood.

Sure I dreamed of being other things, but let’s be realistic, author is more manageable. At age 5 I stated the fact that I was going to be an author (even though I wasn’t really sure what author meant at the time).

Here I am!

With a passion for all things monsters, coal mining, and writing. Let’s see where this will take me!



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