Something New

Today is Halloween and tomorrow National Novel Writing Month begins. One week ago, I think I would have jumped a fence if someone brought up both NaNo and Halloween in a conversation. I was having those secondary thoughts, you know the severe panic that comes from an intense deadline approaching.

Dressing up and writing fifty thousand words in a month are both tasks I slightly cringe at the thought of.

A. Because the last time I dressed up was for a middle school dance and I was a go go dancer. You know bright costume, curly hair, tall white boots. Oh a fun time it was. I don’t really have a reason for why I don’t dress up anymore. I guess I should be a vampire at some point as I only sleep when it’s light out.

C. Writing fifty thousand words in a month is STRESSFUL. Now if you write more than that, kudos. But for me, writing nearly an entire novel in less than thirty days is like whacking a sleeping tiger with a baseball bat. It’s grouch city with a case of haven’t slept for three days and dog ate all my k-cups.

But you know what. I am ready. I’m in the mode, the “get this done and sleep the whole month of December ready” mode.

Last year I went silent or most of the way as I did not make it through. I wrote about fifteen thousand words and caved, but not this year. No, I’ll be documenting the process. Book four is outlined and ready to go, with plot finalized and lined up with other books. Hint Hint. Coffee grounds are ready with my favorite mugs washed, Sara has been bought treats so she doesn’t try to bark at her squirrel friends while I’m writing. My sanity is in a box, ready to be put back in pieces or made to disappear.

I’ll be sharing more soon. So we’ll see how things go.

And no – I’m still not dressing up!

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