Early Morning

My mind is oddly clear, though the slight pounding in my head is an irritant. I’m loving this colder weather but not the headaches that come with it.

This is the first time all week I’ve been able to peel my eyes away from one finished manuscript and put my attention on a work in progress.

After reading The Devil’s Den over thirty times or more, it was time to give my editing eyes a rest.

I’ve started on book four but to be honest it has been a challenge. After three books I have learned the importance of having an outline and learning how to properly edit. Though a thirty to fifty page outline for a 250 page book might have been a tad excessive on my part but it eliminates having to worry about plot holes. I think they’re every writer’s nightmare. Get too close and you’ll get sucked into a pit you can’t write your way out of.

Ah, November is coming up. Meaning NaNoWriMo, yes national novel writing month. Fifty thousand words, one month, and enough loss of sanity to make bystanders run far far away from grumpy writers.

Naturally I’m set to participate. Stock piled my favorite coffee and tea, my desk is visible, outline about finished. I’d say all in all I’m pretty pumped for it. A 1666 word minimum a day is not much but it’ll be enough to help me finish my final project for the year.

Speaking of my final project, I set a due date for it. Didn’t realize that week is also finals and my third book’s release week (unless it changes). Oh the chaos! I guess I better start typing faster.

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