Early Morning

My mind is oddly clear, though the slight pounding in my head is an irritant. I’m loving this colder weather but not the headaches that come with it.

This is the first time all week I’ve been able to peel my eyes away from one finished manuscript and put my attention on a work in progress.

After reading The Devil’s Den over thirty times or more, it was time to give my editing eyes a rest.

I’ve started on book four but to be honest it has been a challenge. After three books I have learned the importance of having an outline and learning how to properly edit. Though a thirty to fifty page outline for a 250 page book might have been a tad excessive on my part but it eliminates having to worry about plot holes. I think they’re every writer’s nightmare. Get too close and you’ll get sucked into a pit you can’t write your way out of.

Ah, November is coming up. Meaning NaNoWriMo, yes national novel writing month. Fifty thousand words, one month, and enough loss of sanity to make bystanders run far far away from grumpy writers.

Naturally I’m set to participate. Stock piled my favorite coffee and tea, my desk is visible, outline about finished. I’d say all in all I’m pretty pumped for it. A 1666 word minimum a day is not much but it’ll be enough to help me finish my final project for the year.

Speaking of my final project, I set a due date for it. Didn’t realize that week is also finals and my third book’s release week (unless it changes). Oh the chaos! I guess I better start typing faster.

Finding Success

At a time when I would normally be doing anything but sitting here writing this, I can’t help but think. Maybe it’s my hectic schedule or the caffeine that’s got me on edge. Probably both, but beside the point I think it’s important to point something out. Reality has gotten in the way of my most carefully crafted plans. And frankly, I think it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Yes, after years of planning my life out, I said to hell with it all and I can tell you I am a much happier person. It has helped me redefine success for myself.

I have come to realize success means something different to everyone. I think we’re all human enough to know what it means to us.

To me success is being happy with what I see when I look in the mirror. Liking my job or whatever I am doing. It’s feeling confident that I know who I am.

Success is getting happy and staying happy.

It’s about being content with who you are and what you set out to do. It’s waking up tired, to start your day to do what you have to do. It’s finding the motivation when there’s a million different things making you believe it cant be done. Success is laughing at yourself for saying something stupid when you would normally be embarrassed. It’s being a kind person when everyone around you is being a jerk.

Success is following your morals and knowing who you are and what you stand for.

Success embodies so many different things and everyone has a different definition of it.

I am successful because I am happy. I am happy because I choose to be happy.

Success is something to choose. No matter your path, I think you should choose it too.

From MIA

According to my notifications it’s been six months since I last posted.

Life got out of control as it always does. Though it has all been in good nature. The summer I hit with knocking out the second book in my Digging up the Past series and making some overall life changes. Yes, good ones!

Writing has become routine, two books published in a year, three written and an anthology published as well. With the anthology coming out around the 20th, it seems time has passed too quickly. My third book is with my publisher and book four is being worked.

Now with three months left of the year, that means I’ve got that last project to finish. Though I’m not willing to reveal what the project is yet. It seems silence surprises the noisy.

Originally I had planned on doing something different but I decided in order to help nail down my book writing process I needed to settle down and do something beyond my plan. I’m sure those I speak with on a daily basis are happy I finally decided. But no, not revealing anything just yet.

Still have to do my cover reveal for book three! To say this one is cool is an understatement, I was going for “scare the kids”, but my cover designer created something beautiful and terrifying. It fits the book more than what I could have hoped for.

As I get back into doing regular updates, I can’t wait to start giving you guys some neat visuals to keep the momentum going.

Moving Along

It’s hard to believe March is almost over with. There again we’ve been waiting on spring for what feels like years. Maybe winter just likes our presence too much. Who knows. I’m ready for some mild temps at least.

While the weather has been eh, this weekend consisted of fixing edits sent back from editor. It’s always a joy to read back through edited work and see how the story has shaped compared to what it started as. I had not intended for this story to be as short as it is, but I think that shows how the story wrote itself. When you’re writing it, the story goes the direction it wants. That’s the beauty of it.

After I finish up edits tonight, my editor will get them back tomorrow. Then one more round and it’s ready for reader eyes. I can’t wait to get some feedback on this story. I don’t believe I previously released the title. This novel is called “Blood in the Hills”. It’s about a young woman who finds an old journal on her family property. By reading the journal and looking for her missing father she uncovers something horrifying. Her hometown has been hiding a myth for years. When bodies start to pile up, the young woman must choose between saving herself or saving her hometown.

This story is inspired by some of the things I grew up hearing in Southern Indiana. It was fun to be able to take some of the things I have learned over the years and throw them all into one book. That’s kind of why I’m ready to hear some reader comments.

Meanwhile novel #3 is moving right along. I am hoping to have that finished by July. I fully intend to meet that deadline. This book is the sequel to The Devil’s Retreat, it picks up a few days after the ending. It stars a new character Indy Fields. So we will see come July how it has came along.

Busy week to come, but that’s all part of the fun right?



Today I got edits back for novel #2 meaning one more round and boom it’s out for the world to see. Hard to believe novel #1 made its professional entrance in November. This means I am on the cusp of completing a new year’s resolution and life goal.

Meanwhile within this month two beautiful opportunities have presented themselves to me. To which I have jumped on them.

In the meantime I have started novel #3 which is set to be released late this fall. So it’s safe to say busy is not a word I acknowledge currently. Though I wouldn’t partake in all this if I didn’t want to.

That’s the beauty of opportunities. They pop up right at the time you need them.

With such a bustling schedule I have been on hiatus.  I haven’t really been on social media either. That’s not exactly a bad thing though!

Now it is time to come back for the umpteenth time and start sharing my musings. My ways of finding motivation in the midst of crazy everything.

I look forward to connecting with everyone. Have a positive week all.


Survival of midterms, check.

Survival of novel #2, check.

Finishing a novel and having midterms in the same week. Legendary no. Crazy stupid, probably.

That means one goal is off my check list. Hallelujah!

It’s been a week of blunt beginnings.

The life of a writer, a good life it is.

Monday 2-26-18

Car stuck in a field, check.

Crippling deadlines, check.

No sanity left, ahem check.

It’s Monday! I’m the crazy person that likes Monday.

What’s on the agenda is novel editing. Yes another novel is coming!

Aha I am preparing to send to my publisher which is exciting news. I have one more book scheduled for release this year. Maybe I might be able to squeeze in another project.

Early days yet but some big changes have already been made this year. Updates to come!

Media Burst

There has begun a media upheaval. It is not entirely unusual for this time of year. I’ve seen post after post about people claiming they’re leaving social media. Internally I roll my eyes and give them a time frame of how long they will last. Cruel sure, inaccurate no.

It’s usually a few days, at most a month. It’s all great. Yes absolutely, but I have drawn the lines myself.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it I got it. For a while I found myself Facebook obsessed. Then I backed off, then I had the great idea of getting into groups. Aha writer groups. Lord help me, and save my sanity. Big mistake, thousands of members and drama at every turn. No, no this writer does not do drama. Big X take that drama and keep it away from my self protected bubble.

Needless to say, I found myself becoming irritated enough that instead of being smart and leaving the groups I would just stop using Facebook. Strange. After arriving back on Facebook and finding out that the algorithms had been axed a bunch. I have left and not looked back. Of course I still use my author page via an app that does not have my feed connected to it. WHEW! My author page is important it is a way to connect with readers and it is easier to be myself there than on my personal page.

What started as a small change has become a big change, cutting down wasted time scrolling and converting that into precious writing time. It cuts down negative feelings and promotes a more positive mood.

If you are feeling the need to cut social media, by all means I recommend doing it. Be realistic, but be relentless. You mother’s sister’s cousin can wait for you to reply to her comment.

Let’s make it a great Monday!

Seeing Differently

Time is a demon. Maybe that is an illusion. An illusion we overlook because we spend our lives filled with emptiness. Waiting. Waiting, for the end we all know is coming.

All of time we partake in trying to fill this void. Stuffing it full of material things that we pay for with a piece of material we invented. So is it actually even real? Money? Mansions? That same designer purse every woman thinks she should carry? Yeah, you know the one.

Is it likely that everything we see around us is some figment of our imagination? Have we created it to make our lives better, or to pack the space that our minds see?

Early man had so little, but was able to do so much? Views are changing drastically. A changing society has adapted to be that way. Trends come in, trends go out. Seems like on a week to week basis.

We are unlike our ancestors, is it that we view things differently?

Men of the past had to survive. They did not have the things to fill their space, they filled it with actions. Our modern race is simply surviving. Packed by the things, what the imagination has created. Is it really living?



Have you written a story that breathes?

Have you ever written a story that bleeds?

Have you ever written a story that comes out with ease?

Have you ever had to cut a story from your soul?

Have you ever had to throw it out on the streets?

Have you ever had to watch it suffer?

Have you had to watch it mourn?

Have you ever had to help it get back to purpose it was written for?

Is that why you write?

For experiences?


Wake up,

Get Up.

Bang My head against the Wall.

Make bed with dog still in it,

Lazy thing.


God I love you coffee.

Take dog out,

Walk all over no man’s land,

Waiting, still no squat.

Get chased by coyotes,

Lovely and did I mention it’s cold out?

More Coffee,

I still love you coffee.

Good morning novel,

Oh you don’t want to talk with me,

That’s okay,

I’m going back to bed.

I’ll see you in a few hours,

Slightly before my caffeine crash sets in.

Time off

Hello blogger friends, welcome to the New Year.

I clocked out a few weeks ago from the blogging sphere. I’m really not sure why, it just kind of got lost in the mess of my searching excursion.

Before I clocked out I made a post about not feeling the Holidays.  Well, the holidays are over! Yay! Woohoo! We’re into 2018 finally and I am feeling a fresh sense of spirited self. Whatever the hell that is. I don’t know I’m thinking as I go, not rushing just breathing.

After checking away from blogging I dropped off the face of the earth from social media too. Kind of took the time as a basic self exploration period. Aha, what I am I meaning by this? I took the time to reflect back on the year, read a bit, stay away from writing, drink some hot chocolate and ignore the fact that my wish for a white Christmas came true.

This exploration period I used to learn much. I got some books about writing, just some books to read too, spent time with friends, did some brainstorming.

Well my brain is no longer fried! I feel renewed, motivated, and ready to kick this year’s ass!

It was nice to have a few daysof nothing, just me. I think everyone needs that. It’s time to get back to work. I’m back with a clear view, a better attitude, and new knowledge.

Welcome to the new year everyone, I wish you all the best in 2018. It’s going to be a whole new adventure in the making.