From MIA

According to my notifications it’s been six months since I last posted.

Life got out of control as it always does. Though it has all been in good nature. The summer I hit with knocking out the second book in my Digging up the Past series and making some overall life changes. Yes, good ones!

Writing has become routine, two books published in a year, three written and an anthology published as well. With the anthology coming out around the 20th, it seems time has passed too quickly. My third book is with my publisher and book four is being worked.

Now with three months left of the year, that means I’ve got that last project to finish. Though I’m not willing to reveal what the project is yet. It seems silence surprises the noisy.

Originally I had planned on doing something different but I decided in order to help nail down my book writing process I needed to settle down and do something beyond my plan. I’m sure those I speak with on a daily basis are happy I finally decided. But no, not revealing anything just yet.

Still have to do my cover reveal for book three! To say this one is cool is an understatement, I was going for “scare the kids”, but my cover designer created something beautiful and terrifying. It fits the book more than what I could have hoped for.

As I get back into doing regular updates, I can’t wait to start giving you guys some neat visuals to keep the momentum going.

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