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Finding Success

At a time when I would normally be doing anything but sitting here writing this, I can’t help but think. Maybe it’s my hectic schedule or the caffeine that’s got me on edge. Probably both, but beside the point I think it’s important to… Continue Reading “Finding Success”

From MIA

According to my notifications it’s been six months since I last posted. Life got out of control as it always does. Though it has all been in good nature. The summer I hit with knocking out the second book in my Digging up the… Continue Reading “From MIA”


Survival of midterms, check. Survival of novel #2, check. Finishing a novel and having midterms in the same week. Legendary no. Crazy stupid, probably. That means one goal is off my check list. Hallelujah! It’s been a week of blunt beginnings. The life of… Continue Reading “Survived”

Monday 2-26-18

Car stuck in a field, check. Crippling deadlines, check. No sanity left, ahem check. It’s Monday! I’m the crazy person that likes Monday. What’s on the agenda is novel editing. Yes another novel is coming! Aha I am preparing to send to my publisher… Continue Reading “Monday 2-26-18”

Author Branding

Being an author is not easy work. A lot of people say to me, “Oh you’re an author, that’s cute.” Cute? Writing an 80,000 word book and shoving it out there for the world to ridicule is cute? *Inwardly screams in frustration Being an… Continue Reading “Author Branding”

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Time Flies

It’s been a long 2017. It feels longer than usual for a year. Though maybe that’s just because of all the things that have happened. Thanksgiving is in two days.¬†I haven’t said what I am thankful for yet. I’m going to say this, I… Continue Reading “Time Flies”

A New Dusk

Day one of a new beginning is ending. I am me, but my goals are different and so is my outlook. I have wanted to do this for a long time. Rip apart everything and start fresh. Start the way I wanted to start… Continue Reading “A New Dusk”

Try This

Stop what you’re doing with your story.  Insert your own name in replace of the main character’s.   Does the story still convey the message you want it to?


“I found it,” Sara whispered.  “Found it?” Jack asked. “The key,” Sara pressed forward. ” To my heart.”  Jack looked at her with curiosity. “And I’m giving it to you.”  Jack’s face said everything, needed to be known.