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Moving Along

It’s hard to believe March is almost over with. There again we’ve been waiting on spring for what feels like years. Maybe winter just likes our presence too much. Who knows. I’m ready for some mild temps at least. While the weather has been… Continue Reading “Moving Along”

Life Stories 

So I’ve been thinking lately. It’s the holidays, it’s cold out and I need a healthy dose of humor. Therefore, I’m starting up another theme-esque exercise. Except it’s entirely different. Though I will get back to theme. Eventually. This new post happiness comes with… Continue Reading “Life Stories “

Try This

Stop what you’re doing with your story.  Insert your own name in replace of the main character’s.   Does the story still convey the message you want it to?


“I found it,” Sara whispered.  “Found it?” Jack asked. “The key,” Sara pressed forward. ” To my heart.”  Jack looked at her with curiosity. “And I’m giving it to you.”  Jack’s face said everything, needed to be known. 


Once Ago someone saw, An eager soul stretching for a lick of freedom.  I see them now.  They have no obligations.  They feel no pain.  They know the reaction.  In truth they see by more.  To them reality is a sore.  Picking and Picking,… Continue Reading ” Wayfinding “

Building the Brand of You

The name of one of the panels I spoke on over the weekend seems fitting for discussion. Who am I? What is my brand? What thing do I identify myself with? How do you build an author brand? Do you even know what you… Continue Reading “Building the Brand of You”

Creative Writing Convention 

I’ve been MIA for a while. I took a sort of writer vacation by attending Imaginarium this past weekend. Imaginarium is the largest creative writing convention in the Midwest. There were over 150 authors in attendance.  I had wonderful time, met a lot of… Continue Reading “Creative Writing Convention “