Life Stories 

So I’ve been thinking lately. It’s the holidays, it’s cold out and I need a healthy dose of humor.

Therefore, I’m starting up another theme-esque exercise. Except it’s entirely different. Though I will get back to theme. Eventually.

This new post happiness comes with a disclaimer. Nobody panic.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an exercise that involves me running around town in a Disney Costume, singing at the top of my lungs. That would be well, a bit excessive.

If you were looking forward to that possibility, I have just crushed your dreams. But you’re still going to get some humor!

What I am going to do is document my day to day life. I’m entirely sarcastic but it’s okay.

Anyway I will be throwing my “life stories” at ya’ll (me mocking my twang that lately people have told me is there).

Discovery: Part 1

I haven’t picked a theme yet, but simultaneously now I have.

Discovery as a theme has a broad context. You can either think a lot into it or a little as you would like to. Which is nice.

There is this beauty to discovery, it can be a really great thing. Or not. Really, it’s ones own preference.

What is important is that we are all beings. We come from something else. We may not know our origins, or even who we are. What makes us all alike is that we all go on this journey of discovery. We want to find ourselves. Or we want to lose ourselves. Maybe both.

My goal with this theme when I’m writing these poems/ short fiction is to not think about it. I want it to be real. Not created. If a sentence is going to come, then it should come naturally. If only a word comes, then good I have done my creative thinking.

That is what discovery is. Finding life along the way.