Being an author is not a walk in the park. That is if you want to be successful. 

Being a writer IS a job. It takes a lot of work if you want to show the world what you have to offer. 

There’s a common stereotype: Writing isn’t a real job. 

*Glass shatters

Don’t tell that to an actual writer because they will unfriend you and never speak to you again. Guaranteed. 

The amount of marketing, time, and money that it takes to be a successful writer is astounding. It’s not something that happens over night. 

Anyone can be a writer, but so few actually make a living off of it. That’s why you have to have a particular mindset. You need to get yourself in the marketing groove and be prepared to do what it takes. If you’re not a people person, you need to become one. You need to go to events, you need to blog, you need to create an email list. The list goes on forever. 

The hard part is everyone in the Author field is going to try to tell you exactly what you need to do. Get in a writing group. Form a bond with your chosen group and you will find how easy and rewarding it is to find advice from people who have been down the road you are traveling. They can give you advice on what not to do. 

You will form friendships and learn a lot. 

I have several good writing friends. It is so nice to be able to relate different experiences and such to these people. Not only that, but we all can go to events. If in case of financial situations, when you have a group, you can split a table. Therefore, split the cost. Going to events is not impossible. It’s the way in which you go about it.

There are so many miss conceptions. I’m going to get my book published and become a best-selling author.

There is a plausible chance of that happening, but not without the right tools and doing the work. In all truth, If you don’t provide the means for people to find your book. Such as links, paid adds, and sponsorships. People aren’t going to buy your book, because they don’t know how to find it.

You have to do everything in your power to make success if you want to be successful. Do that and there is no room for failure. 

There are people all over the world who want it bad enough to go through with the whole list of things that goes along with publishing. But how many of them actually carry through? 

If you want to be a successful author, put in the work. 

Many people stop after so many failures. The idea is that you have to go through hard times before you come out on top. 

Climb the mountain, don’t stop if you’re about to fall. Hang on and keep climbing. Along will come a time when there is nothing left, other than to conquer the mountain. 

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