Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi REVIEW

I’m not one to leave movie reviews. BUT, this is the most anticipated movie of the season. I got to screen it early and WOW. Disclaimer: no spoilers.

I’m the person that reads the end of the book before I do anything. I generally am the same with movies, I want to know how it ends. However, this one I anticipated so readily that I couldn’t do that to myself. I actually watched the movie with out spoilers before hand. I know it’s a miracle!

The movie was beautifully made. Visually stunning with great acting. Now I usually don’t complain about bad acting or poor graphics. My complaint is usually the plot. There were times that I found myself saying “come on get to the point already”. Yes, it did drag in spots. Though, since I don’t call myself a die hard Star Wars fan, that’s just my opinion as a writer. Other times I was a bit confused, often times audibly saying “do you not know what you’re talking about.”

I find it so hard to criticize this movie. It was that good. Guaranteed it was not the best movie I have ever seen. The beginning was slow. Very slow. But once everything started it was a nice blend of flipping between character scenarios. The chemistry between all the actors was well played. My favorite part of the movie was the exploration of Kylo Ren’s background and seeing his emotions and Rey’s collide. I look forward to the next movie and in the nature of a Star Wars movie it leaves a ton of cliff hangers!

Overall I was happy with it. Now head to your local theatre and check it out for yourself!


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