B’s Monstrosities

I’m an avid fan of monster movies. There is no denying that considering one of the first movies I ever watched was the 1990’s cult classic Tremors. That and of course I can’t forget Jurassic Park. 

Needless to say the better part of my childhood and teenage years was spent watching and analyzing all things monsters in the movies. It was all Dinocroc or Supergator, which is better, Then BAM!  It’s Dinocroc vs. Supergator, because what’s better than watching two genetically modified dinosaurs fight in a tropical setting?

First of all, no one attempt to answer that question. The modern day monster movie universe has been utterly consumed by every shark, crocodile, octopus, and dinosaur movie out there.

At this point any higher budget monster movie is going to catch my attention. B-movie monster movies are cheesy, lower in budget, and generally so bad they are only good  for a laugh or two.

Still, I have to watch them. After ear pulling and slowly crawling my  way through the abyss filled shelves that house the “Megashark vs. such and such”, I have realized why I have an interest and a disinterest.

A. Creative Monster / Interesting Plot

F. Bad Acting/ Poor Monster Effects

I am only going to state this once. If you have to CGI the entire monster to make it ginormous, actually put effort into it.

Even though I’m pretty psyched about the new movie Meg coming out, I hope they do the book justice. Steve Alten did a tremendous job on the Meg novels. Before the movie comes out in August of 2018, read the books, you won’t be sorry.

Considering the Megalodon is over 60 ft, the CGI better be good.






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