Monsters All Around Here

I guess it is easy to get caught up in reality. Working a 9 to 5 job, saving for that new car, paying bills like there is no end. Or even working the now common 70-90 hours a week slaving away to live a life that is seemingly unfulfilled by society’s approach to surviving.

Some of us have found a way to combat the throes of the noose that popular culture sends forth to reel us all in. Many of us haven’t but there is always hope. So it can be said.

In all truth conformity sounds idealistic. It’s a means of survival. Is it really though?

I have always been one to shy away from what is the typical norm. We all have a soft spot and crack eventually. That mega mansion nestled in the hills, all the shoes a girl can ever dream of, endless cash to never have to worry about finding your next meal. It sounds wonderful, maybe even a little artificial. That’s what it is.

It’s a trap. Hey come here, work a little harder, work endless hours. Struggle, then the dream dies off because, you know in your mind that reality is a killer.

I have my way of fighting off conformity. Minimalism is refreshing. It’s this stark whiteness set against the pollution filled days of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

One of the most important things that minimalism does is it exposes monsters. 

Fictional and Physical

A monster in a book can highlight the greed that has encompasses the person who created the monster. In real life, those who will do what is necessary to get the things they want is an example of the power of materialism. 

Minimalism is an easy way to free yourself from the woes of a technological society. Detaching yourself completely doesn’t have to be the answer, but being aware does.  

One of the reasons monsters have been a thing that I have centered myself around is the idea that I am only one person in a universe full of them. 

In order to stand out you have to be different. But, to make a difference you have to understand why you are different. 

Monsters don’t care what you look like or what gender you are. They themselves have been built upon ugliness. The disgrace of the greed by their creator, and the deformities that might be ravaging their bodies and changing their minds. 

Writing about monsters has helped me understand why our world is the way it is. Monsters represent more than a level on the food chain. Their meaning reaches far beyond what any of us could ever imagine. 

Are they really the villains of the story, or are they misunderstood by the humans who portray them to be a certain way?

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