I’ve been getting this itch lately. Not like an under the skin itch but a brain itch.

Weird I know, but apparently it’s perfectly normal.

It’s like the hellion to Writer’s Block, but it won’t let me focus on one thing. For the last three years I made myself a promise, I can’t write any lengthy fiction until I finish my first novel. I stuck to it by a T. Since that time has ended, and my novel is done and published, I’ve been bouncing from project to project.

I have been doing this genre jumping thing. It’s sort of out of character for me. I stick to monsters and blood mostly.  But this itch, it’s making me write in an unexpected way. I’m pushing my own writing boundaries. By creating scenarios and scenes that are completely out of what I call my “comfort zone”. I’m spending every hour when I should be asleep wracking my head of plot loop holes.

In the wees hours of the morning I will be going through cases of making a story so believable, there’s no way it can’t be true. I’m stepping out my head and finding a myth that everyone knows, and shoving it out there. Giving it a life, by showing it to the world in its most gruesome form. My next novel investigates one of these situations.

This itch, is pushing me to step out of Brooke’s World and telling the story of a myth no one wants to be true. As humans, we often times try to disassociate with the truth.

As writers it is our job to show the side no one wants to believe. We have to say it in a way that is upsetting. Otherwise it will get lost in the news of yesterday as everything else does eventually.

If it’s not controversial, it will probably be long forgotten. That is the world we live in.

The key lies in turning the itch in ones head, into a story that gets in their face, looks them in the eyes and says “You damn well better remember this”. Then three or so years later they remember back to it, and again it doubles them over by a punch to the gut.

That is the kind of story a brain itch deems to create.

5 Comments on “Itch

  1. I think an itch is a brilliant thing.
    I, too, wish to genre jump but I’m doing what I can to quell it until I finish my first novel.
    I suppose I’m making excuses for myself by writing my blog (and my novel having taken on the role as a back burner) but I now believe that we, as writers, need to experiment with our writing.
    Push the boundaries, as you say, and until we do that, we will never find our true voice.
    I look forward to reading your boundary-pushing scenarios, and I applaud you for your dedication on your first novel.
    Until the next read,

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    • Focus on your blog, it can help you recognize your writing stuggles and overcome them by finding an audience that sticks with you. As I have found that with myself. Put the truth out there and you will find it easier to push into your writing what you preach to others.
      Awesome, good you are working on first novel! That 1st book is a building block, once you get it out there, it’s amazing how much you learn.

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      • As someone who works two jobs, is a full time college student, and balances this whole writing thing. I completely understand the struggle. My first novel took me two years to complete. I didn’t push it because that first book is precious and you can’t force it upon yourself.
        What’s nice now though is I know the process and how have been able to break it down to find what works. With planning, I have been able to get my second manuscript written in less than 60 days.
        Don’t fret about deadlines on the first one, after the first one comes out is really when you have to hustle.

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      • That’s really comforting to know, as I’ve been writing it for nearly nine months now.
        Sixty days is really impressive though. Again, I applaud you!
        Here’s hoping for all the success in both of our future novels!


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