Theme and All Its Horror

I am not one to explore theme. When structuring a novel I stick to one genre and include multiple underlying themes. With a motif or two. I stick in my little bubble.

Lately I’ve been getting this writerly itch. Maybe it’s my time to explore outside the realms of this reclusive writer personality. Write a little stranger. Push boundaries and see where I can go with it.

I asked my lovely writer’s group what they thought about this. They all confided with similar responses. “Being a writer is all about pushing your limits, exploring new things, new ideas.”

So I’m embarking on this weird journey. Exploring not genres, but themes. Another thing I am trying is poetry.

I’ve been on the poetry wagon for about seven months now. It’s entirely outside my realm, but it’s kind of fun.

So in order to understand different ideas, and broaden my thinking. I am trying something different. Each week is listed with a theme. This week’s theme is whispers.


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