Whispers: Part 1

Since I’m investigating theme I think it’s important before I do anything else to figure out where I stand on whispers. 

I watched way too many horror movies growing up. It’s safe to say whispers rarely lead to happy places in the movie perspective.

Now when I take a look at whispers as a whole I picture someone cupping their hand over another’s ear to whisper a secret to them. 

When I read about whispers I always see that dark forest scene. Someone running through the woods, scary whisper sounds resonating around every corner.

Whispers seem always to take this form of personification. Whispers come as a sense. They are a sound that comes from between someone’s lips. When these whispers are projected at someone to scare them, it feels as if they are are reaching out or coming after. We can infer that there is a person or thing behind them, but the sounds themself take an entire form of being. 

There is this madness behind it. What drives the force behind the sound?

Any thoughts on Whispers? 

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