Whispers: Part 2

Part of this theme exercise is to explore themes that I am unfamiliar with. I have to dissect them and formulate an opinion, out of that opinion will come small chops of creative work.

My ultimate goal is to provide myself a better understanding of themes I wouldn’t give much time to.

In Whispers Part 1, I tore apart what I believe whispers to be and created an unwritten opinion. That opinion is that whispers, no matter what the situation or place setting emulate strong emotion. Most of the time it’s the wrong kind of emotion.

When I think of whispers I always jump to a dark, unsettling place. From my own perspective of it, I created three poems: Whisper Killings, Grave Gossip, Secrets for Life.

Each of these poems presents a setting. What happens when someone does something they shouldn’t have? In the end what will your secrets, all your lies, what will they get you?

I wrote these poems to help me understand the dark underlying theme that whispers creates. I didn’t have to use a dark theme, but that’s how I chose to formulate it. In that dark theme I was able to pull out three more themes that I felt tied in closely: gossip, lies, secrets.

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