Whispers: Part 3

This poem is called Whisper Killings. I published this in a previous post, but I love this poem. I wrote this to directly cull what I see in a whispers theme.

Note: Also if you look at the poem sideways it looks like a sound wave sort of. This is a creative way of providing a deeper meaning to the poem. Think of the poem like a whisper, the levels highest are where it peaks your interest. The lowest means you probably should run for your life.

Whisper Killings

Chirp! Chirp!

Come nothingness.

Bloody Cries,

Dry Cut.

Stiff trails,

Edging the wind.


Spilt from the mind,

Doused in fruitless routine.


Giants in frequent darkness.

A forest scene,

In typical reprise.

Day becomes night,

Figures become shadows.

Shadows whisper,

Until shadows scream.

At dawn a body,

Is subjected to whispers.

Everyone knows.

And now they don’t. 

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