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Bad Reviews

Bad reviews, they’re like alcohol. Read a review, you take a swig. The words, like bitter buzz in the mouth. Down the throat they burn. The words are fire, you don’t like them but you can’t stop them. The alcohol won’t kill you, but… Continue Reading “Bad Reviews”

A New Dusk

Day one of a new beginning is ending. I am me, but my goals are different and so is my outlook. I have wanted to do this for a long time. Rip apart everything and start fresh. Start the way I wanted to start… Continue Reading “A New Dusk”

Try This

Stop what you’re doing with your story.  Insert your own name in replace of the main character’s.   Does the story still convey the message you want it to?


“I found it,” Sara whispered.  “Found it?” Jack asked. “The key,” Sara pressed forward. ” To my heart.”  Jack looked at her with curiosity. “And I’m giving it to you.”  Jack’s face said everything, needed to be known. 

Traditional or Indie?

I spent two years of my life trying to make the decision. It’s easy to say I wasted all that precious writing time trying to convince myself why one was better than the other. Did it gain me anything? Absolutely. I have forged this… Continue Reading “Traditional or Indie?”

Building the Brand of You

The name of one of the panels I spoke on over the weekend seems fitting for discussion. Who am I? What is my brand? What thing do I identify myself with? How do you build an author brand? Do you even know what you… Continue Reading “Building the Brand of You”

Creative Writing Convention 

I’ve been MIA for a while. I took a sort of writer vacation by attending Imaginarium this past weekend. Imaginarium is the largest creative writing convention in the Midwest. There were over 150 authors in attendance.  I had wonderful time, met a lot of… Continue Reading “Creative Writing Convention “

Discovery: Part 3

RIGHT HERE Once ago I thought I knew myself. But that was years ago. I’m me. Though I’m not myself. I see all this time passing by and I think I should be different. Think I need to conform. I clench my eyes shut… Continue Reading “Discovery: Part 3”

Discovery: Part 2

Honestly I could spend a lot of time, branding what I think discovery is. But that would be useless. Come show. Go away tell.

Writer Support

I think the thing I enjoy most about writing other than the actual writing portion is writer support. It still amazes me to this moment how writers from every where, all across the world, will support others that practice their craft. I don’t know… Continue Reading “Writer Support”